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Irrigation Assoc. of New England

Drought Free Irrigation
is a member of the Irrigation Association of New England.



Drought Free Irrigation is a Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)

The Irrigation Association Certification Board has established certification programs to achieve national recognition of irrigation professionals. Certification exams are designed to meet standards of validity, reliability, and difficulty. Certification indicates that the successful Irrigation Contractor applicant has:

  • A minimum of three years of irrigation-related experience/education.
  • Successfully passed a written examination covering general irrigation subjects and specialty areas.
  • Agreed to follow a specific Code of Ethics established by the Certification Board.

Certified Irrigation Contractors are specialty contractors whose principal contracting business is the execution of contracts and subcontracts to install, repair, and maintain irrigation systems in such a manner that projects can be executed in an acceptable way, meeting all specifications and requirements. They are involved in the layout, installation, maintenance and repair of irrigation systems used for landscape and turf irrigation.

Contractor Responsibilities: (written by the Irrigation Association)

  • Irrigation Contractors will do layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading, back-filling, and limited design. They will install all piping and water delivery components. They will install the irrigation controls, including mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems. Contractors will troubleshoot and repair all of these components and systems.

  • Irrigation Contractors read site, contour, and grading plans, as well as the various "shop drawings" used in installation. They should have knowledge of the various soil conditions, which affect the installation and operation of the irrigation system. They should be able to effectively choose and schedule the required installation equipment.

  • Irrigation Contractors work with all types and classifications of pipe. They should be able to perform the necessary cutting and joining of these different materials, understand the limitations of each piping system, and have knowledge of the required fittings and components of the water delivery system, including backflow prevention components. They should understand basic hydraulics as applied to pumps, irrigation piping, sprinkler heads, water hammer, and backflow prevention principles.

  • Irrigation Contractors should have knowledge of the various types of control devices used in irrigation systems, including mechanically, hydraulically, and electrically controlled valves and irrigation controllers. They should have basic electrical knowledge needed for installation of electric motors and associated electronic control systems. They should have knowledge of the required licensing laws and codes in their respective states.

Drought Free Irrigation

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