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Irrigation Assoc. of New England

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We are proud to install top quality products such as the Hunter PGP rotary head, the number one selling residential rotary head in the world. The Hunter Pro-C timer is very reliable and simple to operate.  A Hunter Mini Click Rain Sensor is included with the installation of all of our systems to conserve water and help prevent over watering during rainy times.  On new systems we install Hunter I20 rotary heads. These heads are a light commercial / heavy-duty residential sprinkler head.  They come with a 5-year warranty and will take much more abuse than a standard sprinkler head.  Drought Free Irrigation offers several other lines of irrigation supplies such as Rainbird and Irritrol to name a few.


Rain Sensors

Hunter Rain SensorWe have all seen it. Someone’s sprinkler system is watering the lawn in the middle of a rainstorm. With today’s available technology, it’s just plain inexcusable. A rain sensor can be installed on any automatic sprinkler system to keep sprinklers off during precipitation. The basic rain sensor works like this. The sensor is full of disks. As the moisture-filled disks expand, they activate a switch that interrupts the circuit between the timer and the solenoid valves, compensating for the amount of rainfall. When dry, the disks contract and release the switch. The device resets automatically without affecting the controller. A rain sensor should be installed on every sprinkler system and it will pay for itself in much less than one year. A basic rain sensor can usually be installed on most systems for less than $150.

More advanced rain sensors, often called E.T. Sensors (evapotranspiration), take into account the amount of sunlight, wind, and humidity, as well as rainfall. Depending on the type of timer you have, these et sensors can be very inexpensive and will save at least 25% of the average water usage.

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